Monday, August 15, 2011

Popular Outdoor Living Features This Year

It would seem that our economy is still having a drastic effect on the housing market - even though interest rates are at an all time low.  Many families have decided to stay in their current homes rather then purchasing and risk overbuying a new home.  As a result, home improvements have grown particular outdoor living spaces.  Whether you live in a climate where an outdoor space can be used all year round (I miss you Phoenix!) or a climate where it can only be used a portion of the year, outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity.  Many of these spaces are being scaled down but are still popular.  For example, someone might put in an outdoor counter space but not add all the bells and whistles like a sink or a refrigerator.

Here are the most popular outdoor living spaces for 2011, rated as somewhat or very popular according to ASLA members.

Outdoor Lighting - 94.5%

2. Fire pits/Fireplaces - 94.2%

3. Dining Areas - 94.1%

4.  Grills - 93.8%

5.  Installed Seating -89.5%

6.  Weatherized Outdoor Furniture - 83.6%
7.  Counter Space - 74.2%

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