Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Red Door Means Welcome

I've always wanted a red door on my house and I finally have one!  In our previous home in Phoenix, the Homeowners Association prevented us from painting our door red.  But now that I live in Omaha, that no longer applies!

So, exactly what does it mean to have a red door?  I decided to research it and here is what I found.

First it is a big feng shui thing, although I don't know much about feng shui. In early America, a red door was a sign of "welcome." When people had to travel by horse and buggy, they had to stop often. If they came upon a house with a red door, that usually meant they would be able to spend the night. There is even rumor that a red front door was used in the under ground railroad as a sign for the slaves traveling north that that house was a safe house.

In old Catholicism the doors of a church was painted red to represent the blood of Christ and other Martyrs and once you passed thru the doors, the ground (church floor) was holy ground.  I read that in Scotland when you paid off your mortgage you painted your door red. Unfortunately, that's not true in my case.

Most interesting red door story, Albert Einstein started this tradition because he could not recognize his own home.  So he painted his door red. Then his home stood out and he could find his home.  Guess he wasn't that smart.

Considering selling your home?  If it goes with your colors, consider painting your front door red.  Your house will stand out from all the other houses on your street and with your Buyers.  "Oh, I really liked the one with the RED door!"  See what I mean?



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