Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another Successful BEFORE & AFTER in West Omaha

I met with some friends recently who are wanting to sell their home in West Omaha.  They ask me to come over and walk through their house, making suggestions on what changes they needed to make.  It should always be the goal to make your home stand a good way!

After seeing a maze of audio visual wires dangling under their flat screen TV in their great room, I suggested they just take the whole thing down.....or at least all the components and leave the TV in place.  The homeowner assured me he would take care of it....that he could hide all the cords behind the wall.  Honestly, I was a "little" skeptical. Seen below are the before & after pictures.  Simply amazing!  I love it when clients take my advice and heed it.  This change will only further the speedy sale of their home when the time comes.

Lesson to be learned:  Your Realtor has your best interest in mind and are unemotionally attached to your house.  They are an objective voice you should listen to.



Thanks, Jeff & Diane!  You're the best!

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