Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Home Staging Benefits

1.  Staging forces you to think like a buyer.  It will help you to look at your home as if YOU were the buyer.

2.  Staging forces you to organize and de-clutter.  Clearing away cabinets, closets, knick-knacks, etc., will not only make your home look larger....but it also gives you a jump start on packing for your move.  Done be afraid to rent a storage space and get everything out of your house that is not necessary.....and don't forget the garage.  It needs to be de-cluttered as well.

3.  Staging will increase your chances of a sale. In this kind of market, you must do everything in your power to set your home apart from all the others.  It needs to be a home that buyers will remember.

4.  Staging shows the buyer that you have taken care of your home.  If a buyer walks in and sees your home neat, orderly and organized, they will know that you have taken good care of your home. The overall feeling of the house will be that this is a home that has been cared for ~ the seen and unseen.

Remember, when staging, set a budget for yourself and stick with it.  You sometimes have to spend money to make money.

When it is time to list your home, I would be happy to consult with you on the staging of your home.  You will see a few photos of some of my listings in AZ that I have helped to stage.  None of them were disasters to begin with, but with staging, we were able to leave an impression in the minds of the buyers and as a result, both homes sold very quickly.  Depending on your local market, this is not always the case, but it certainly can't hurt.


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