Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Made some headers for the two windows, cleaned out the clutter,
Staged the kitchen table and added matching shades to the light fixture.. 
 The Sellers installed a laminate wood floor because the other floor was 
very "tired" and would have hindered the sale.

The large wall was sponge painted so that wall was repainted a warm,
neutral color.  Furniture was rearranged adding to the coziness of the
room.  The Sellers bought some inexpensive curtains that matched the fabric
in the kitchen.  Both tables were pretty beat up so they were painted a satin
black.  Looked like Pottery Barn when we were finished.

We created an openness and flow between the two rooms.
This home sold very quickly.  The Sellers did absolutely everything
I asked them to do in terms of getting the home ready for the
market and it showed.

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