Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bedrooms......Tranquil, A Place of Rest

When a Buyer walks into your bedroom, what will they see?  Piles of laundry, an unmade bed?  What about your childrens' rooms?  Clothes lying everywhere with an empty closet close by, toys, beds unmade?  Or do they walk in and feel serenity.  Ahhhhh.......I could sleep here.  I would prefer they feel the latter and I'll bet you do too.  Let's see if we can get you to that place with a few suggestions.

1.  Placement of your bed is very important. You always want your bed to be the focal point of your room.  When you enter the bedroom, if possible, the bed should be on the wall opposite the door.  Beds/headboards should never be placed in front of a window.  Not only does it block the view, it also blocks any natural light coming into the bedroom and makes the room feel cramped.

2.  Is your bedroom furniture overpowering?  Sometimes you have TOO much furniture in your bedroom.  Remember, you want your bedroom to look as spacious as possible.  Put that huge chest of drawers, or dresser, or chairs in storage while you're trying to sell your home. Your bedroom will seem so much larger.  Did you know that when professional stagers stage model homes, they rarely use king size beds in the master....unless the room is GI-NORMOUS!  Why do you think that is?  Exactly!  They want the room to seem larger so instead they'll use a queen bed.  Secondary bedrooms in the models almost always have twin beds in them and most don't have dressers.  All for the same reason.  I'm not suggesting getting rid of your king size bed, but perhaps you need to move out some other furniture pieces if the room feels crowded.

3.  Clean out your closets.  Selling your home in the winter?  Take all your summer clothes out and box them up.  A.  It will make your closet seem larger and,  B. Your clothes will already be packed for your upcoming move.  Plastic clothes hangers are pretty inexpensive.  Consider having all the hangers the same and all going in the same direction....pants together, shirts together, etc.  Too many clothes in your closet will make it seem small.  You want to give the feeling of LARGE closets. Think I'm becoming excessive compulsive?  Let me ask you a question.......Do you want to sell your house?  Buyers HATE clutter & disorganization.  Be sure all clothes are hung up with no clothes left on the floor.  Keep your laundry basket out of sight.....for obvious reasons.

Color was added through the bedding.
4.  Splurge and buy some new bedding for your bed.  You get to take it with you when you move and it's a great way to make your bedroom look new, not worn. The rule of thumb is to paint your walls a more neutral color and bring color in through your accessories.  This could include your bedding.  Of course, tastefulness is always in order.  Don't go too crazy.

5.  Clean the clutter off any flat surfaces.  Minimum is always best.  Make sure lamps & ceiling fans are clean.  You don't want dust bunnies flying around your bedroom when your Buyer decides to test the ceiling fan.

6.  Bedrooms with bold colors will turn off a Buyer.  It's hard to paint over these bold colors and they don't want to have to do it.  If you have bold colors in your bedroom, get out the roller and start painting.

I have a great idea!  Why not make these changes now and enjoy them while you're still in your home?  You will find your bedroom will become a place where you'll want to be. Studies have shown that people sleep and rest more deeply when your life is organized and colors are calm and soothing.  Bold colors stimulate and disorganization adds to stress.  Transform your bedroom, your children's bedroom, your guest room now........and rest........that is, after you finish all the organizing and painting!  Try it, you'll like it.

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  1. Thanks for the blog, I am planing to refurbish my flat so good job guys.