Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Office-Today's Trend

So many people work out of their homes these days.  It has become a trend in America.  Many of my Buyers wanted to buy at least a four bedroom house so that they could have that extra bedroom for an office. That is exactly what we have done here in our home.  Let's examine a few things together regarding your home office.

1.  This one can be a sore spot with many Sellers, but I speak from experience.  Buyers don't want to see an office set up in your dining room or living room.  A dining room needs to be dining room.  A living room needs to be a living room.  And, you guessed it, an office needs to be an office.  I have seen some dining rooms transformed to an office by adding beautiful built ins and adding doors to the space.  This can be OK unless your Buyer wants a formal dining room.  Remember, if you add built in or attached office furniture, it stays with the house when it is sold.

2.  Organize your office.  Like in any other room, flat surfaces need to be clear for the most part and clutter eliminated or thrown out.  Box up anything you don't need and put it in storage.  Create files and get it out of the way.  You can work so much better in an organized work area.  You will be a lot more productive.....I promise you!

3. Office furniture doesn't have to be expensive to look nice. It just needs to be clean and neat.  I listed a home once and walked into their office. It was a total disaster.  So for the next two days, my seller and I filed and cleaned up her office.  It was so overwhelming to her....I don't think she knew where to start on her own and we needed to get their house on the market.  In the end, the office looked AMAZING!  She didn't have any fancy office furniture.....just a couple of filing cabinets, a small portable table for a workspace and a small desk for her computer.  But it was all neat and staged with some green plants and other items.  That home sold in the first two weeks.  Had we not staged her home, it would have taken so much longer and not for nearly as good a price.

Home office in your home?  No problem......unless it's a mess.  Then that's a REALLY big problem.  Take the time to organize your office.  Your Buyers will approve and you'll be a much more efficient worker.  Actually, you'll probably like going to work! Now, who doesn't want that?

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