Monday, January 24, 2011

An AMAZING Transformation!

You don't have to be selling your home to apply any of these staging suggestions to your home.  Staging often just makes your home more enjoyable and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.  Here's an example:

A friend of mine in Florida has been following my blog.  Last week he emailed me a couple of pictures of his living room & dining room and ask for my suggestions.  Being in Nebraska and only having a couple of pictures, it was hard to do...but I made a few suggestions. The biggest suggestion was to switch the two rooms - put the living room where the dining room was and visa versa. To my surprise, he emailed me this past weekend and wanted to show me his before & after pictures of these two rooms, applying some of the things he had learned from my blog.  I was astonished at what I saw!  He has taken a room that had too much in it, de-cluttered it, rearranged the furniture and came out with a beautiful result.  As far as I know, he didn't purchase anything.  All it cost him was his time.  With his permission, here are the results....

Dining Room BEFORE

                                                                                                   Dining Room AFTER

   Living Room BEFORE

                                                                                              Living Room AFTER

I always determine that during the brutal winters here in Nebraska, I'm going to work on the inside of my house until the weather allows me to work outside.  My mind is constantly getting new ideas to apply to each room of my house.  I do lots of rearranging, taking things from one room to another room, continue to make our house a warm, clutter free home in which my husband and I can enjoy and live.  If you're in a colder climate and can't be outdoors, beat the winter day blahs and cabin fever by changing things around in your house.  I'll bet you're going to love it!

Do you have before & after pictures you'd like to share that you've applied to your home because of this blog?  Send them to me at: You might see them on my blog....with your permission, of course!


P.S. Thanks, Chad!  You did a wonderful job!!!

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