Saturday, July 26, 2014

"The Color Purple"

I can be such a creature of habit.  As much as I enjoy creating new things for my clients, I seem to get rutted in deep grooves when it comes to my own home.

This year, I decided it was time for a change.  Forever I have had a red front door. I've blogged about red doors and for that matter, many different colors for doors.  Red doors are so welcoming.  They go with so many holiday decorations......Valentines, Christmas, Fourth of July, Memorial Day.....on and on. But I was ready to abandon all of my "normal-ness" and be a little crazy.  Living in the fast lane!  Oh yeah!  Of course my husband is out of town and knows nothing of what I'm getting ready to do. <Insert evil laugh>

I don't know why, but I decided to poll my friends on FaceBook about painting my door......PURPLE. Wow!  I have never had such a response to any post.  While some of my friends were positive about the change, some were just downright........honest?  That's the nicest way I can say it.  I heard the words, "hidious", "tacky", "tasteless", etc.  How do you really feel?  That's OK.  I was confident in my choice.

I started by sanding my red door so that I would have a fresh service for the new paint to adhere to.  I took off the hardware and prepared my door for a makeover.

Now, the hardest part was choosing the SHADE of purple.  Do you know how many shades of purple there are in the world?  I couldn't believe it!  Did I want a violet purple?  A red purple?  A gray purple? A blue purple?

I looked at tons of pictures on the internet and finally decided on the shade of purple I wanted.  I chose Valspar Duramax Paint & Primer (from Lowes).  The color is "Purple Frenzy". Just the name sounds crazy!  I used satin exterior because it won't crack or peel or fade.  I need that because my front door faces south and even in Nebraska, it can get pretty hot.  I used two coats for the best coverage and let it dry completely between each coat. 



I added more plants to the front porch because I wanted to pull in more of the purple color.









I have had a lot of positive responses and some just smile and say nothing.  That's OK.  I'm really not offended because I LOVE IT!

Now when we give directions to our home, we just say to look for the house with the purple door!  How 'bout that?

Final note:  Consider the color of your home before you change the color of your front door.  They two need to be harmonious. My home is gray with black shutters, which really is considered a neutral.  So I can paint just about any color I want.  I'm seriously thinking pink the next time I change the color.  What'd ya think?

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