Monday, April 9, 2012

No More Matchy-Matchy

An ever growing way of planning a kitchen now is to have more than one type of wood in your kitchen.  At first, this bothered me.  I'm a balanced kind of person.  I like sameness. But I have to be honest, this has grown on me.

Most commonly seen is the main body of cabinets being one type of wood or finish and the center island, for example, be a completely different type of wood. Some of the highest priced homes I show are following this trend. I'm really starting to like it. But let's go even one step further.

Some kitchens have THREE types of wood! Actually, there is no limit to the choices you can make. One thing I will say, it sure makes choosing finishes so much easier. Remember when your whole house had to have "oak" finishes?  Not any more.

This trend of mixing-and-matching, materials & finishes has spread like a wildfire – people love not having to make crucial decisions! Anything goes! And who wants a space that is so Matchy-Matchy anyway?

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