Monday, March 5, 2012

Dream Team Ideas for Organization

One of the things I love most in my home & office is......ORGANIZATION!  I love organizing, plain & simple. Organization helps to make my life peaceful and productive.  Organization saves me time.  Organization makes me feel like a have a grip on life.  I'm sure my husband goes a little nuts with my organization.  I even like to organize the refrigerator!  I've given up (almost) on that one. The only way to stay completely organized is to live alone.  I'm not willing to do that.....but there is always hope that the other person will catch on, right?

If I could completely organize my home, in a perfect world, here are some of the things I'd do.

"Dream Team Ideas for Organization".

1. Repurposing (verb),  "Using something old for a new purpose."I love this idea of using an old dresser for storage.  Think of things you could store and organize! Just take out the drawers and drawer guides and look what you could do! Idea from

2.  Need to organize ribbon?  Try this!  And it cost almost nothing.
You could do this one now! What a brilliant idea!

3.  In a perfect world, I would have a whole walk in closet just for dishes (I love dishes!) and another one just for appliances and kitchen items.  This little set up is marvelous.I love this idea for storing appliances, etc.

4.Organize your life with this simple idea.  Did you know there is such a thing as chalk paint?  Remember when you told your math teacher you would never use all this math they're making your learn?  Well, brush out the cob webs because you'll need a few math skills to set this up.  This particular calendar has 4 shades of gray, but you could use in colors you want.  I like it!

5. Spices, spices, spices. Organize your spices!  How dreamy would this be?

6.Organize your wrapping paper & gift supplies! This is a great idea to put in one of those extra closets or rooms you have laying around with nothing to put in it. Right!!!!!!

7. Organize your linens.  Here are a couple of tips.  I like to roll my towels and stack them in my linen closet with the rough edges of the towels at the back of the closet.  You won't believe how good that looks.  With you sheets, place your sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases for the set and then fold around the sheets neatly and put on your linen closet shelf.  You're going to look like a pro!

8.  Organize your desk top.  If you don't have all the fancy desk top organizational tools that some stores offer, try this little idea.  Use a DISH DRAINER to organize your files and the silverware drainer for your pins & pencils.  How easy is that?
9. Know what I like the most about shoes?  You can wear them no matter how much you weigh......unlike our clothes.  Know what I mean?  Well here's a fabulous way to organize your shoes. Remember...... I said in a perfect world.

10.  I can't think of anything else I'd like in my kitchen more than an organized pantry......except for an organized walk in pantry.  While we can't all have this, organization is still obtainable.

Take the time to explore the internet and find different ways of organizing YOUR home.  The possibilities are endless.  Some of the best ideas I use in my home are not always my own ideas, but ideas I've discovered from someone else.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Right?

Spring is in the air and that means cleaning and organizing.  So, get started.  You're gonna love the way you feel!

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