Monday, October 3, 2011

Brighten Your Kitchen With Color

From painting cabinets to adding colorful accents, brighten up your kitchen today with these color ideas. 

Things getting a bit humdrum in your kitchen? It might not be your meals that need a revamp –- inject some color in the kitchen and even the most ordinary entrée will appear perked up.

From juicy oranges to pretty pinks to classic blues, nearly any color can work in a kitchen –- a space where it's OK use creativity to let your personality shine through.

So what's your hue? Take a look at these photos for some colorful inspiration.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Beateworks / Corbis

Country Blues
Adding a classic shade of blue to your kitchen is a quick way to get the cozy country look. Instead of painting a solid wall or coating your cabinets, opt for a washed stain – instant vintage chic.

Try blue interior stain from Olympic Paint: Indigo Blue or American Blue are both great options (depending on your wood).

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Alamy

Lovely Lilac
One pop of color? Try two for one. Selecting a lighter and darker hue along the same color spectrum is a great way to add dimension to a space without overwhelming. The lighter shade on top brings the eye up, while a darker option grounds the look.

Kelly Moore's Lilac Lady (KM3003-1) and Iris Impact (KM3008-5) are the perfect pair for purple lovers.

color-in-the-kitchenPhotos: Corbis

Periwinkle Perfection
A bold dose of color doesn't necessarily mean in-your-face. Take this subdued periwinkle as an example – it creates a soothing, rich space but doesn't overwhelm like a trendy color you might tire of in a few weeks. A great color choice for the hue hesitant.

We think that Cloudberry (C43-3) from Olympic is a nice choice.

Citrusy Sweet
If you had the choice, would you choose sunshine every day? Then a sunny citrus orange might be the perfect hue for you. When contrasted with a crisp white, the orange goes from glaring to glowing.

Sherwin-Williams' Mandarin (6891) is a delicious option for orange.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Corbis

Green with Envy
With more than a million (we're guessing) hues of green out there, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. If green is already a staple in your kitchen (such as in your favorite dishware or a single beloved vase), take that item to the paint store and match it to a color strip. Choose a darker variation for a bolder look or a lighter one for a more subdued peaceful option.

We especially love the playful but quiet hue of Olympic's Green Grapes (A68-4).

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Corbis

Bubblicious Pink
Many might scoff at the idea of a Pepto-pink kitchen, but the color can create a fun retro vibe or a playful modern one. Find the right hue and guests will know you never take things too seriously.

It could just be the name, but our favorite hue is Two Lips (A8-6) from Ace Paint.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Red Cover / Alamy

The All American
Red has long been a classic kitchen choice, though often it can be a bit too bold – even for the most daring. (And since its been said that red entices the appetite, dieters might want to shy away from it.) We especially like it in small (but daring) doses. For a classic color combo, mix in some white (or off-white) and blue -- but change it up by adding a surprising shade of blue instead of the ordinary navy.

For for the not-so-standard red-blue pairing try the classic Red Alert (AC216-5) or Bountiful Blue (KM3198-2) both from from Kelly Moore.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Alamy

Teal Time
Blue and green are so basic, right? You insist on being more unique – so try a happy medium between the two and opt for teal. It's bright, cheery and soothing all in one. Choose a high-gloss finish for extra pizzazz.

Sherwin-Williams' Synergy (6938) is a safe bet for a eye-catching teal.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Alamy

Lemony Goodness
It's no doubt, yellow is a cheery color. From soft lemon (think mousse) to bright lemon, the color works wonders in any style of space. For a modern look, bolder brighter yellows work well contrasted with sleek dark cabinetry and counter tops.

Ralph Lauren just released a new color perfect for this job, Monticello Yellow.

color-in-the-kitchenPhoto: Alamy

Firey Fuchsia
Pink isn't just for soft, feminine spaces. A bold fuchsia lends a funky vibe to a contemporary kitchen. Pair it with crisp white for a nice contrast, and keep other colors and patterns at a minimum to prevent overbearing.

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