Thursday, September 22, 2011

Staying Warm Outside in the Fall Weather

Tiled fire bowl
It's getting cool here in Nebraska with night time lows dipping into the 50's.  It's great weather for doing just about anything....especially lighting your fireplace or sleeping with the windows open while snuggling under a stack of comforters.  That's the best!  But just because the weather is getting cooler doesn't mean you can't spend evenings outside.  You can still be warm and toasty.  One of the growing trends in outdoor living is outdoor fireplaces, fire bowls & chimineas.  You can spend thousands of dollars in building a fireplace in your back yard.  You can even buy fireplace kits and build it yourself....but that can still be quite expensive.  Not in the budget?  Me either!  Consider bowls and chimineas.

Fire bowls and chimineas are the way to go to stay warm in the brisk fall weather when you're working with a limited budget. You simply can not beat the ambiance that a wood "container" fire creates. Enjoy fun filled evenings during all seasons of the year, with a portable wood burning fire bowl or chiminea.  There is quite a range of selections and prices for these options.  One could spend fifty dollars to several hundred dollars and stay well within your budget.  The selections are endless.  Different finishes and designs are available as well.  You are only limited by your imagination.  You can find various fire bowls or chimineas on line as well as local hardware stores, garden shops, and department stores. I bought my fire bowl this year on clearance at a department store for $25 and I can hardly wait to use it.  Be sure when using your device to place it on a secure concrete base.  I would not recommend using one on your wood deck.  You might end up with a bigger fire than you have planned on.

So get out and enjoy this weather!  Bring out the hot dogs and marshmallows and gather around YOUR fire!  Happy fall, ya'll!

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