Saturday, June 18, 2011

Staging Your Home to Sell in a Competitive Market - Part II

You can NEVER under estimate the value of staging your home in this market.  Staging sets your house apart from all the other houses in your price range.  Staging makes your house memorable.  Staging draws people in to see your house.  Remember, you can't sell your house if they don't come in and look at your house.  Make sure when listing your home that you work with a staging specialist.

I closed on a home this week that sold in a month, when normally houses are on the market in this price range from 90-120 days minimum.  In a month's time, we had 31 showings!!!!  Why?  I believe it's because of the staging that we did that was viewed on the internet due to the photos we posted.  It does make a difference.

I am a staging specialist and I offer staging as a service to clients who list their homes with me. Normally, staging would cost you hundreds of dollars.  I take an unusual approach and start staging with what you already have in your home then add what is needed. It really will give you the advantage over your competitors.

Included in this blog are some before & after pictures of a little home that I just listed.  It had been occupied by a tenant for the last several years and had really taken a beating.  Lots of elbow grease went into cleaning, wallpaper borders removed and fresh paint through out the main level was added. IN ADDITION TO THAT, we did some light staging.  You be the judge.  What do you think?

BEFORE - Dirty & no appeal!
AFTER - A freshly painted red door says, "Come on in!"

BEFORE - Filthy bathroom with a bad caulk job and no zip.
AFTER - Zippty do dah!  Look at the difference!

BEFORE - Dirty bath
AFTER - Clean & full of whimsey.

BEFORE - Scratched, dusty & plain.
AFTER - Old English polish & a few items bring
this drab bookshelf to life!

BEFORE - Plain & dirty
AFTER - Clean & whimsical!

BEFORE - Broken blinds hiding new windows.
AFTER - Beautiful windows & view of lush backyard!

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