Saturday, February 19, 2011

More Red Doors Comments & Questions

"You've made me want a red door now!  I love it!  Something I never would have thought of, but now that I see so many of them, I love it.  You have such an eye for detail.  Love it". ~ Kelly, Phoenix, AZ

"I LOVE this idea...but our house is white with 'sagey' green trim. Do you suppose a red door would look Christmas-y with our green? I like the red-door-idea so much, I'd be willing to change trim colors...but I do like our white." ~ Deb, Omaha, NE

I really think you could pull it off with the colors you have. Why not? Like you said, you could change your trim colors - but paint the door first and then decide. Love the idea! I think you'll love it! Maybe add a brass door knocker or brushed pewter depending on your current hardware. Adding a kick plate is nice too. Would totally change the look of your home. GFI! Go for it!~ Jen Murdoch

Is a red door in your future?????

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