Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Finish Off My Red Door....or Any Door!

I've had so many responses to my post on having a red door.  I've been amazed.  Seems a lot of my friends here in Omaha are going to be making the change to a red door this summer.  Go Big Red!  Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Let me throw out a couple of ideas on how to finish off the look for your red door.

1.  Add a door knocker to your red front door.  The price range varies so the sky is the limit.  Make sure you choose a door knocker that is in correct proportion to your door.  If you can only afford to buy a tiny door knocker to your front door that is going to look like a spec when viewed from the street, then just wait.  Wait and save up more money to buy a more substantial door knocker for your door.  Be sure and choose a finish that matchs the hardware on your door.          

2.  Consider a kick plate for the bottom of the door.  These are finished metal sheets that fit the bottom panel of your door and serve as a guard to prevent shoes from kicking the bottom of the door.  Most people don't put in a kick plate to protect the door.  They put them in because they enhance the look of the door.  Again, remember to match the hardware on your door.

3.  Another addition would be to add an upgraded plate to your doorbell.  You don't have to reinstall your door bell.  You're simply increasing the visibility of the the doorbell and further enhancing the entrance to you home.

4. I'm a big proponent of adding a wreath or something along that line to your front door.  Here are a couple of hurdles you'll need to overcome.  First, many people don't want to drive a nail directly into their front door or maybe you have a metal door. (If you do decide to put a nail directly into your front door, use a tea cup hook.  It will help to prevent your wreath blowing off on a windy day.)  The option to a nail or teacup hook is the over-the-door hangers.  The problem I have with these is that almost every single one that I've seen places the wreath too high on the door.  It just looks odd. 

So what is a person supposed to do?  I've found a great invention - one of my favorites.  It's a door magnet.  These can only be used on glass storm doors.  For obvious reasons, it wouldn't work on a wood door and metal doors are too thick.  But on a glass door, it works great!  The package comes with two 2 inch diameter magnets coated on the outside with a white polymer.  Put one on each side of the door and let them do their thing, but be careful.  They are powerful and if you get your finger between them, it will hurt.  It comes with a hook on both magnets so you can hang your wreath or door decoration safely on your storm door.  Another advantage of hanging your wreath on your storm door - your wreath won't get smashed like it would if it is on you front door.

5. Finally, don't forget your house numbers...your address.  The sky is limit there too!  Just make sure if they are on or close to your front door that they match the door's hardware.  And make sure that they are visible from the street. 

Both door knocker and kick plates are available at most hardware stores - Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware.  You can order them on line as well.  Be creative.  Find what appeals to you.  The door magnets I've found at Hobby Lobby and local landscape nurseries.

Don't wait until Christmas to give attention to your front door.  Do it now.....and everyday of the year. Your front door sets the tone for you home. It will definitely increase your curb appeal and says to your Buyers, "Come on in! You're gonna love it inside!"

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